GIANTX announces its LVP Superliga team, the biggest regional competition in Spain

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R4ven, Peach, Feisty, Aetinoth, and Seaz form a roster led by Trick for the Summer campaign starting Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

LUA Gaming and Zeta, first opponents

Málaga - London - Berlin. May 20, 2024. GIANTX welcomes the League of Legends Superliga team that will debut this Wednesday in Malaga Spain for the Summer Split Season. 

Since the Winter Split, the GIANTX Pride roster has undergone a few changes. Following Th3Antonio's promotion to the main European LoL league, R4ven takes over the 'Toplane'. The roster is completed by familiar players like Feisty, Seaz, Aetinoth, and Peach, coached by Trick. The debut match is against LUA Gaming this Wednesday at 22:00 CET.

Miłosz Domagalski 'R4ven' (Poland, 2000) is a key new signing for the roster. He is an experienced 'toplaner' from Rebels and has an impressive track record with teams in Spain, Italy, and Poland. With Rebels, he achieved a regular season championship in the Superliga and also secured a third place. Replacing a legend like Th3Antonio will not be an easy task, but R4ven brings abundant skill, capability, and enthusiasm. "He is a reliable addition, and we are confident he will grow with us," highlights David Alonso, the sporting director of the Málaga and London-based esports organization.

He is joined by players well-known to the GIANTX family such as 'midlaner' Jeong Seong-hoon 'Feisty' (South Korea, 2003), 'support' Daniel Binderhofer 'Seaz' (Austria, 2000), marksman Berat Tıknazoğlu 'Aetinoth' (Turkey, 2005), and jungler Lee Min-gyu 'Peach' (South Korea, 2000). The first three were already part of the Superliga team, while Peach, like the coach Trick, comes from the LEC team. Kim Gang-yun 'Trick' (South Korea, 1995) is a renowned figure in European LoL, with several continental titles and appearances in international events like Worlds and MSI. After a stint as part of GIANTX's LEC coaching staff, he will now lead the Superliga squad in Málaga.

GIANTX Pride in Superliga maintains its developmental spirit. The aim is to refine players with potential and prospects who can make the leap to the team competing in the top European League of Legends league, the LEC. Aetinoth and Feisty are very promising prospects, aged just 18 and 20, respectively. The 'veterans' are 24 years old, such as R4ven and Peach. In summary, none of the roster members were born before the year 2000. "We have a young, hungry, and talented group that we hope will continue to progress and follow the path of the previous Superliga, where we were one map away from the final," notes David Alonso.

The Home of GIANTX in Málaga will reopen its doors to welcome its fans and support the team in their first matches. Admission is free and can be obtained through official GIANTX accounts. Additionally, the competition will be broadcast on LVP's official Twitch channels, as usual.


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